Lick. Laugh. Love.


It has been our motto from day one and the reason why we started making ice cream - to bring smiles to all that come through our doors when taking that first bite into our ice cream and sharing memories, love and laughter with one another.



Our Flavors

• a rotating selection •

current flavors

French Vanilla Bean
Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Vanilla in a custard base

Honey Roasted Strawberry
Strawberries roasted in honey

Chocolate Brownie
Callebaut chocolate & house-made fudge brownies

Unicorn Tracks
Cotton candy base with lucky charm marshmallows

Brown Butter Pecan
Brown butter & house roasted pecans from Houston Pecan Company

Cereal Milk Oreo
Cereal milk base with Oreos

Chocolate Twix
Callebaut chocolate with chunks of Twix

Caramel Apple Pie
Granny Smith apples, pie crust and swirls of caramel

Nutella Banana
Nutella base with ripe bananas

Honey Rose
Honey & pure rosewater

Baileys & Blondies
Bailey’s Irish Cream with bits of house-made blondies

Toasted Coconut (v)
Made with coconut milk & toasted coconut flakes

Rainbow Cake
Cake batter base with house-made six color rainbow cake

Kahlúa & Cookies
Kahlúa Coffee liqueur with chunks of house-made chocolate chip cookies

Crème Brûlée
House-made crème brûlée with caramel swirls and bits of caramelized sugar

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake
Chunks of pumpkin spice cheesecake & graham cracker crust